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The 34nd Annual Tucson Folk Festival
April 6th & 7th, 2019

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Under the Park

This year, Pima County has agreed to open the El Presidio Garage underneath the Park (with 4 elevators to street level). The rate is a flat $5/day, with no in/out privileges. Entrances on Alameda Street (east- or westbound) and Pennington Street (one-way eastbound).

On the Street

There are 1200 metered parking spaces in downtown Tucson, all of which are free on evenings and weekends. Many are within a few blocks of the Festival. But be sure to check for and obey other restrictions like spaces reserved for the handicapped or for police vehicles, which remain in effect 24/7. Several meters on Alameda are reserved for Festival staff, who need quick access to their vehicles; these meters are reserved around the clock for permit-holders while the hoods are in place.

Paseo Redondo Lot

This small lot on Paseo Redondo between Main and Granada is just west of the Tucson Museum of Art and especially convenient for the Museum and Patio stages. Metered spaces in this lot are free on weekends (non-metered spaces are reserved at all times).

City / State Garage

Located about three blocks west of the Festival, the City / State Garage is free on weekends (albeit with a very limited security presence). Entrance on the west side, where Alameda Street turns into Manning House Way.

Pennington Street Garage

Just two blocks east of El Presidio Park, the City's Pennington Street Garage (entrance on Scott Avenue between Pennington & Congress) is open 24 hours, well-lighted and has security staff on duty. There are flat rates of $3 between 6 am and 6 pm Saturday, $5 for Saturday night after 6 pm and $3 for all day Sunday.

Private Pay-in-Advance Lots

There are several private lots where you pay a flat rate, typicaly $5, in advance (no change given, because there's no attendant). Two of these are within two blocks of the Festival, one on Alameda Street just west of Scott Avenue, and the other between Pennington & Congress, also west of Scott. A third is along Court Street north of Old Town Artisans & across from El Charro (some of its spaces are reserved, the rest are public).

Other Garages

There are a number of other parking garages close to the Festival including the Library Garage just a block away (entrance on Alameda west of Stone) but beware that most of them close before the Festival does. Check the hours before you park or you may find your car locked in for the night!

Official Information

Don’t take our word for it; check out these pages from ParkWise, the City’s official parking authority:

Where can I park in Downtown Tucson?
The ParkWise Downtown Parking Map

Folk Festival Photographs Copyright © 2008 Marilyn Stringer